Best prices for the prestgionale

On the occasion of the pre-season, and thanks to availability of the raw material and to the improvement of the performance of its production plant, Tunipellets offers you very competitive prices with a premium quality and a very short delivery time. Spend your orders quickly to take advantage of our pre-season prices and prepare your pellet stocks for next season.

Participation in the Fair “Italia Legno Energia”

Tunipellets participated in the fair “Italia Legno Energia” which took place in Arezzo  from 22 to 24 March . This fair was an opportunity to meet our customers and make new contacts to establish cooperation for the sale and distribution of ENplus A1 and DINplus certified wood pellets during the 2018-2019 season.

audit de certification de granulés de bois
ENplus and DINplus certification audit

After successfully completing the certification audit in 2016 by the obtention of the 2 certifications Enplus and DINplus, Tunipellets passed the annual audit by a foreign external audit organization.
The auditor didn’t identify any non-compliance and was surprised by the quality of the system implemented and the quality performance of the plant.
The laboratory analysis linked to the audit showed an improvement in the quality of our pellets especially in calorific value, ash rate and fine level.
Following this audit we renewed our two ENplus and DINplus certificates for one more year guaranteeing to our customers a reliable and stable product.