Who are we ?

TUNIPELLETS SA, is a Tunisian company founded in 2013, operating in the sector of renewable energies. Its activity consists in the transformation of wood and forest biomass into premium quality wood pellets for domestic boilers and stoves as well as power plants.
Tunipellets became the first certified producer of wood pellets ENplus A1 and DINplus in Tunisia and the African continent with a production capacity Reaching  24,000 tons / year.


The production plant is located in Zaghouan, 50 km from the port of Rades in Tunisia .
This strategic positioning allows a better shipping to European ports from the port of Rades for a period of 3 days (+ 1/2 day to your shop).
It also allows a better supply of the raw material from the forests of the center and northwest of Tunisia.


Since its creation in 2013, Tunipellets continues to evolve in terms of quality and productivity, making it the market leader in southern Italy

2013: Creation of the company

On the will to invest in the field of renewable energies, young Tunisian promoters have made the choice of the biomass valorization for the production of energy for heating and so the idea of Tunipellets was born .

December 2014 : Production Entry

After the equipment selection, installation and testing of the initial samples the entry into production is made in December 2014

January 2015: First export

The first export relative to the first production was  made  after only two months

January 2016 : first rise in production

The production has reached its maximum on january 2016  (600t/mounth)

January 2016 : Certification Enplus A1

The production has reached its maximum on january 2016  (600t/mounth)

March 2016: DINplus certification

Tunipellets obtained its European product certification  ENplus A1 under the label TN001  through the Austrian organization BEA.

January 2017: Second rise in production

After a hard work of  improvement and optimization , the production capacity  reached  (1000t/mounth)