Tunipellets seeks to sow heat on those who need without refuge to fossil fuels hostile to nature. The exploitation of biomass being a renewable green energy through a healthy manufacturing process allow to participate in the global effort to lead to a green world for us and for our children


In order to ensure the dynamic development of our company and ensure its long-term success, we are actively involved in market and technical developments. In this way, we offer our customers innovative solutions and our employees attractive jobs. We decide and act on the basis of profitability, a source of growth and financial independence.

We are aware that our company must act in a manner that respects the interests of society. Our products and services are, above all, serving the safety of people, the economical use of resources and the protection of the environment.

We take initiatives, act with spirit, enterprising and responsible. We are consistent in our approach to achieving our goals.

We promise only what we can hold. We consider our promises and obligations as we respect the law and legislation.

We see loyalty as a condition of our success when we negotiate with our economic partners, colleagues and colleagues …

We inform our employees, business partners and investors appropriately and openly about important developments in the company. We are building the foundations for trust-based cooperation.