Certified wood pellets meet a very strict requirements in terms of the quality of the Raw material, physical characteristics and  chemical and calorific values. It was produced, According to a controlled process and validated by independent bodies.

This approach provides the user and the Systems a guarantee on its quality. This is why most boiler and stove operating instructions require the use of certified pellets.

Tunipellets is certified EN plus class A1 since March 2023 (ID Number : TN 003).
Tunipellets is also certified DIN plus since January 2023 (Label 7A284)

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Laboratory analysis

Throughout the industrial process: from the reception of the sawdust to the dispatch of the conditioned wood pellets, controls are carried out in order to guarantee an optimum quality of the Tunipellets pellets.

Samples are taken and analyzed daily at the plant at all stages of production: raw material testing, density, moisture, abrasion rate after drying, Crusher, press.

The EN / Din Plus criteria are regularly checked by a certified laboratory and with the most advanced technologies .
It is thanks to frequent and assiduous controls  carried out in our laboratory  by qualified personnel that our pellets meet all the criteria of the standards ,