Pellets can be used as litter for horses

The use of Wood pellet  count many Advantages :

-Storage and handling are easy,

– More hygienic because our pellets absorb the smell of ammonia contained in The urine. In addition, the clear appearance of the granules gives a clean effect to the boxes,

– More comfortable for your horses as it reduces health problems (digestive & Respiratory) and is a healthy mattress that absorbs shocks and preserves The joints of your horses,

– Do not stick to the hooves and very little to the coat and the mane of the animals. In addition, the Litter granulated wood easily crumbles under the hooves of your horses,

– More economical and biodegradable, this bedding will allow you to reduce the cost and Workload compared to traditional litter such as straw, flax or shavings,

– 60% less manure.

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