Wood briquettes


wood briquettes, are like wood pellets, a fuel derived from the compaction of residues from the wood industry (sawdust, wood chips, bark, etc.)

Wood briquettes represent a clean and sustainable fuel, a true ecological logs.

They are most often in the form of cylindrical logs about 20/30 cm long (or brick-shaped) and that is why we also use the term reconstituted skeins, densified wood logs or calorific logs.

The briquettes are ideally suited for home use: Wood burning stoves, Wood burning boilers, main heating, auxiliary heating, occasional outbreaks, festive occasions ,main or secondary. residence

Thanks to the very high compression made during their manufacture, the density of the compressed wood briquettes (900 kg / m³) is considerably higher than the traditional wood logs. They also contain 3 times less humidity (5 to 10% only). ) Than traditional firewood, which means that the briquettes have a calorific value (PCI) of 4 kWh / kg, whereas freshly cut timber has a PCI of 1.7 kWh / kg and a moisture content Reach 60%.

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