A1 wood pellets have to be produced only  from  raw materials coming from sustainable sources, The are used  for domestic heating due to their  high quality premium pellets corresponding to both the European Enplus standard and the German DIN plus standard.

They are characterized by a high calorific value> 5 Kwh / kg and a low ash content <0.5%, humidity not exceeding 6%

Pellets are compact with a smooth and shiny surface, the color is generally clear relative to the color of the raw material,

A1 wood pellets have a safe quality and its use ensures comfort to the user, optimum heating, better operation of the stoves and boiler, reduction of cleaning and adjustments and prolongation of the life of the machine.

A1 wood pellets are packed in 15 kg bags with the logos of the 2 Enplus and DINplus product certificates referring to the quality of the product.